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Our Staff

Carl Bright

Owner and Engineer

With over 25 years in electronics and pneumatic research and development, Mr. Bright has been and continues to bring new technologies to the Mud Logging Industry.

Stephen Castle, Engineering Geologist

Technical Support Manager

Worked as a well-site geologist/mud logger in most of the basins of the central and Rocky Mountains of the USA. Completed a seven month exploratory well in the Columbia River Basin in December 2008, then three months on the North Slope of Alaska. Three months in the West Virginia Marcellus Shale, and from 2010 to the January 30, 2015 I’ve been doing geosteering in the Williston Basin (five years ND experience), fifteen plus years as a well-site geologist. Seventeen years as a developmental analytical chemist, creating HPLC, GC/Mas Spec and wet chemistry tests for production QA/QC chemists.

Any type of Intel, AMD, or RISC chip based computer system; Windows, Linux, and UNIX (Apple included) based operating systems; networking, firewalls, etc. Fifteen years of oil/gas geology experience.

1977 - University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, B.S. Biochemistry, B.S. Computer Science, Minor Geology
1978 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. S.M. Biochemistry, S.M. Computer Science
1986 – Skyline College, San Bruno, CA. AA Electrical Engineering.
Military Service
U.S. Navy, 1971-1975, Vietnam Veteran; Ratings: Medic, Operations Specialist

Rowena Harrison

Office Manager

Knowledgeable and helpful in the operations of iBall Instruments main office in Norman.

Brief History of iBall Instruments

In November of 2005, electrical engineer and inventor Carl Bright was introduced into the mud logging industry by being invited to inspect a mud logging trailer that was unable to detect gas very well – if at all. It was a 1972 Argosy trailer that had most of the interior torn out with ancient 1960’s tube type rack mount amplifier technology with a nichrome hot-wire system installed for mud logging purposes. The chromatograph was a copper pipe within a wooden box and the chromatograph temperature was regulated with a light bulb with a dimmer switch. The gas extractor was a conglomeration of a washing machine motor and plumbing pipe.

Carl was asked to see if he could make the system work a little better or perhaps add some previously developed technology to it. The stipulation was that the solution would have to be cost effective.

After months of tireless trial and error with numerous iterations of different kinds of technology, Carl invented a method to harness a new class of infrared light sensors to reliably detect raw natural gas mixed with air. He packaged together the microcontroller and supporting electronics on a PCB he dubbed the “Brain Board” and separated the gas detection duties to an intelligent module called the Hotwire Replacement Module or HRM. With this, the heart of the Bloodhound® system was born.

In December of 2006, Carl founded iBall Instruments LLC and dedicated the company to becoming the global leader in the mudlogging industry and equipment, continually investing and re-investing his personal time and money into finding ways to improve not only the Bloodhound® but other tools used by mud loggers.

Since inception, iBall Instruments has produced in excess of 600 gas detection and chromatograph systems. The current Rev 4 Bloodhound Gas Detector and Chromatograph System is in world-wide use. Active units can be found in almost every play in the U.S. Internationally, units are operational in Azerbaijan, Canada, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco, Iraq, South Africa, Chile, Australia and New Zealand. Expansion in both Mexico and Saudi Arabia are expected soon.

Since 2006, our research and development was also focused on the development of a superior and safe gas extractor system and the Cavitator® was created. In 2007, the Bloodhound® also took another major step forward with the integration of wireless internet telemetry and development of the current Bloodhound server system.

Since then we have been constantly improving our products and services, including a new web-based viewing of well data in near real-time anywhere on the planet the Internet is available. This web app was so successful we noticed mudlogging managers, geologists and other administrators keeping large numbers of web browsers open at the same time to monitor all their drilling operations.

This lead to the development of Multiview, a web app allowing managers and users to follow multiple drilling rigs providing instant information including hole depth, bit depth, gas units, rate of penetration and other parameters in one nice table format, with the ability to view other drilling data and logs with a mouse click.

In 2013 Carl Bright completed negotiations to buy the company shares held by his former business partner. In taking iBall Instruments to a sole proprietorship Carl is now free to better focus the company on its mission of world class Research and Development and customer support.

Currently in its forth generation of development, The Bloodhound has proven far superior in every way to previous oil field gas sensor systems. It has become the standard in many segments of the industry.

iBall Instruments, LLC
3540 National Drive
Norman Oklahoma 73069

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Bloodhound® An automated gas detection and chromotography system for mud logging designed to detect drilling gasses including methane gas using infrared technology.

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