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Why do the largest companies in the world choose mud logging equipment from iBall Instruments?
Why does iBall Instruments have over 25% of the United States market?
Just read the comparison chart!

The mudlogger’s best friend is his iBall Instruments Bloodhound® Gas Detection and Gas Chromatograph system. It is by far the best gas detection and logging system in the world. It is precise, rugged, reliable, user friendly and feature packed. Backed up by our rock solid 24 hour support, wireless WiFi enabled, C1 through C5 detection, Cellular 3G enhanced, and water or other contaminate immunity.

This is no ordinary mud agitator. The motion of the Cavitator brand Mud Gas Extraction Device is so powerful it actually cavitates the mud by design. This makes it the world’s best gas extractor, separating gas from drilling fluid (also known as mud). It is also very light, economical, very rugged, and resistant to getting bound up. The system runs on a safe 12V DC motor system, explosion proof compressed air, 120 or 240 Explosion Proof AC or the new 12V DC Explosion Proof motor. Custom models are available. *Stainless steel construction on special order

The iBall Instruments Chloride Detector System allows the user to easily and reliably detect the amount of chlorides found within the drilling fluid while drilling for natural resources of oil and gas.

The Chloride Detector System was developed using digital signal processing techniques and the very latest in high frequency and extreme low power detection techniques. Couple that with integrated WITS feed through interfaces, a robust power system, and iBall Instruments presents a system unique in the industry.

The Chloride Detector system is composed of a detector head end system that is lowered into the free flowing drilling fluid ( also known as “mud”) and will monitor the conductivity of the fluid in question utilizing high frequency technology developed for the military in the 1990’s.

Our software gathers and logs data from the Bloodhound® via USB and shows a real-time waterfall chart of gas, depth, drilling speed, chromatagraph and other customizeable items. The software can display any drilling data available through the WITS connection.

Welcome to iBall Instruments

iBall Instruments is a company dedicated to inventing and supplying state of the art gas detection and extraction technology. We develop products and services that assist the mud logging and related industries with meeting the ever increasing energy needs of the world.

Our flagship product, the Bloodhound gas detection and logging system, is based on patent pending next generation combination infrared sensor technology. It is light years ahead of the older hotwire, FID, or Pellister based gas sensors. No other mud logging gas detection system uses this combination of technology. This makes it possible to create a system without peer in longevity, sensitivity, precision chromatography, reliability, portability, absolute ruggedness, accuracy, and ease of use.

We feel the most important feature of the Bloodhound and our other products is our dedicated customer support. As well as thorough training for customers new to our products, we also have our customer support available 24/7, staffed by our highly trained and experienced experts.

We know the mud logging industry. We employ mud loggers and geologists, and we understand how critical it is to get any equipment problem fixed quickly. In the rare cases of hardware malfunction, we send out replacement parts or units immediately and overnight.

Please contact us today for further information on leasing and purchasing of iBall products.

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Bloodhound® An automated gas detection and chromotography system for mud logging designed to detect drilling gasses including methane gas using infrared technology.

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